Ashlee is a second-generation Floridian and has been married to Jeff for almost 15 years. When she’s not momming-so-hard to Lily, Harper, and Greyson, she serves as Pelagic Mortgage’s Operations Manager, is a licensed Loan Officer, and is also a Perioperative Registered Nurse.

Ashlee received her Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida and her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University. She enjoys working out, reading books, and listening to all kinds of music. Her favorite colors are lavender and aqua, and just being near the ocean makes her feel alive in her soul.

Ashlee’s favorite tv show of all time is ‘Friends’ and it’s likely that she’s seen each episode close to one million times… or something like that. She can often relate to funny moments in life by quoting lines from an episode and pulling up a video clip for proof of reinforcement for those who may not “speak ‘Friends’”. But don’t ask for her favorite movie, song, or meal- she has a difficult time making such important decisions and doesn’t like to feel pressured to do so.